Friday, April 25, 2008

Casa life

I am very committed to sticking to the 15 blogs a month promise that I made. For those of you that have been keeping up with my blog this month I know you are sitting there thinking..."honey you have a long way to go." You couldn't be more true. April has flown by and is coming to a end in just a few days. Meaning if I'm going to get my 15 blogs in this month I'll have to blog almost twice a day every day for the rest of this month...but have no fears I will get there. Buckle your seat belts ...I'll try not to get too windy but at the same time not give cheap pointless blogs.

I will not make excuses for my lack of blogging this month. Sure life has been crazy busy ...but that is typical for any month around here. It always seems to be something. Yet I wouldn't trade it for anything. We are falling back into a routine around this place and it feels good. Granted the routine looks a little different for me now that I have Izzy. (who is eating 5 times a day, gets meds 4 times a day, needs the Nebulizer every 4 hours, and has to have a diaper change more times in one day than I can count) None the less I can't help but LOVE the every day life. I love walking them to school every morning and standing in front of the school building as they shamelessly kiss me goodbye in front of God and everyone. (I realize that this won't last much longer but I'll enjoy it while it lasts) I love watching them as they remember to say sorry when they hurt someone, excuse me when they need through, please and thank you when they need help, or anything else that reminds me that they truly are learning. I love tucking them in at night or snuggling in beside them at nap time. I love skipping, dancing, running, and playing right alongside them as if I'm one of the kids. I love to listen to their giggles at shower time, prayers at meal time, and their "I love yous" anytime. So often in a day here I catch myself smiling just because. I cherish these memories and tuck them away in the pages of this heart...praying that I will never forget the joy of the moment. Makes me wonder how any mom could ever not want to be around for the little moments that really count.

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