Monday, April 28, 2008

Young Love

Not sure when our kids got old enough to start noticing the opposite sex but it has happened. For the past week I'll I've heard about is Yovani's girlfriend Nicole or the crush that Pamela has on Saul. I keep reminding them they are far too young to be dating and that they aren't allowed kissing until they are 30. However, I'm not sure they are really listening to me since the girlfriend - boyfriend talk continues. Every day brings a new "love letter" or story. Marvin loves to spill what he knows I use that to stay "in the know." That in itself is pretty funny. I watched Yovani chase Marvin around the island in the kitchen as Marvin screamed out the latest on the love birds. It is amazing what he will tell with the bribe of a little candy..heck he'll tell without the candy! It is funny. Yet I still am confused how we got to this point. They are growing up far too quickly!

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