Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Due to the fact that I was in the hospital with Isabel on Easter morning they voted to wait until I returned to do the actual Easter Egg hunt. We dyed eggs the day I left for the hospital but just got around to actually hunting them last week. Better late than never!:) Either way the kids loved it. It was the first Easter egg hunt for the kids we just got last May so they had a blast for sure.
Maryuri guarded the pan of eggs
Brayan LOVED the dying part of the process
Some of the decided they liked coloring on the eggs better
Pamela was showing Mario which cup she had put her egg in
They were so amazed by the process
Monica finally found a plastic egg full of goodies
Antonio was in no hurry to get to the eggs
Francisco ... so proud
Pamela was first done
Daniela with her first egg
Mario sorting out his goods
Antonio followed Mario's lead

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