Friday, April 25, 2008


So it looks like we are about to grow in numbers. Sometime in the next month we are supposed to add 3 more kiddos to Casa. We have agreed to take in Izzy's sister, (8 years old) and cousin. (6 years old) As well as Katty, Fernando, and Monica's sister Doris. (12 years old) We saw Doris today and like every other time she has been around she was quiet...almost scared to be around people. However, it was encouraging to watch Monica take her by the hand and lead her towards the others to play. Sometimes the kiddos are the best medicine for the hurting and the best at helping them adapt. All 3 girls are going to bring on new challenges that we've yet to deal with. None of them have ever attended school or had any type of social interaction. In the 4 or 5 times I've been around each of them I've only heard Izzy's sister say a handful of words. The other two don't talk at all. Doris has been at the state orphanage for a month now and hasn't talked at all. She is well behind what she should be mentally and looks like she could be 8. They each have a lot of developing to do and are in need of some good food, warm beds, showers, and of course lots of lovin. So I once again come begging for prayers...please lift up those precious little ones. Pray that God gives Karen and I wisdom in how to best reach these ones....and that He leads us to specialists that will be needed at some point. Pray for our kiddos as their worlds are going to once again get rocked with the coming of new kids. Pray for mommas and grandmas who are having their children taken from them. I believe that the truly do love them...they just are lacking for taking care of them. Lacking in education and know how for being a momma, lacking in resources to provide proper care for them, lacking in funds to supply a child with the basic needs of life, ...lacking.

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