Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Not sure if everyone knows this or not but about a month ago Rudy ran away for good. He has always been more than a bit headstrong and struggled with abiding by the rules set in front of him. So he chose to leave to escape those rules. He amazingly enough made it all the way to Teguc and back to his mom's house where he has been ever since. She has been working on getting Brayan back too. We should know within the next week or so if that is really going to happen. I keep praying for what is best for Brayan but so badly want to beg God to let us keep him. We know his mother well enough to know that the boys will end up back on the streets begging and that isn't a life I want for either of them. So I ask you all to join me in praying that what is best for them both is how this situation plays out.

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