Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Yep all too often my blog begs for prayers. However, tonight I'm begging for prayers for Carlos and Eduardo. Both have been getting in their fair share of trouble the past couple of weeks. Carlos keeps getting jumped because he hangs out here. The boys in the village apparently think he getting too much from us. They think he feels like he is better than the others. His life is in danger every day simply because he formed a bond with us. Every day that he is even around me gives them reason to jump him.

As for Eduardo...heaven help the children this boy needs your prayers every second of every day. In the last week alone he has been in jail twice and was kicked out of school for having marijuana in his book bag. Let me just tell you we had a wonderful little chat the other day ....gave me a chance to smack him around some. Although he obviously isn't even paying much attention to what I have to say these days. However, he did mention that the peer pressure of where they live is so strong. (I don't doubt that for a second) He spoke of how few other options kids have to occupy their time. So as a result they end up in trouble. For a few moments he was the old Eduardo...being open and honest with me. However, short lived it may have been it reminded me that the old Eduardo does still exist. He is just so confused and lost in life...and making terrible decisions. So again I ask you to pray for these two boys. They truly are great boys...just confused teenagers.

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Praying Mom said...

I am praying for Carlos and Eduardo, and all the other confused teens out there. Please add my daughter to that list. Unlike Eduardo and Carlos, she has had every possible opportunity and privilege. She still makes the wrong choice at most every turn. Right now she is at a major crossroads- finish a challenging program (and high school) and go to college with the support of parents or become an independent adult without a high school diploma. For anyone over the age of 21 the choice is probably clear, but for her the lure of the easy life - chillin with her buds- may be too great. The cost of the marijuana she wants to smoke is very high indeed. Your prayers are appreciated.