Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Feliz Dia de Ninos

I've told you numerous times how I'm struck by the differences between here and home. Well today was another one of those days. September 10th is officially "kids day" here in Honduras. I mean in the states we have Mother's Day and Father's Day. Heck I think there is even a grandparent's day, teacher's day, secretaries day, etc. etc. etc. Yet there isn't a Kids Day! I suppose we think that EVERY day is kids day. Well here that just isn't good enough. Today the kids got to go into school late. Then when they did go the entire day was spent having a party... complete with decorations, Pinata, candy, face paint, cake, and who knows what else! They got little presents and were truly just spoiled today on "their" day.  It is really kind of crazy how big of a deal it is here! 

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