Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Healthcare Bill

Since Monday morning when I heard that the healthcare bill had passed I've been debated, defended, and discussed the issue with many people. (including myself) I've been reading all I can in an attempt to be well informed and I've kicked the idea around in my head for hours on end. I have had many conversations with people who are ABSOLUTELY against the idea and I've heard them out on their reasoning as to why. However, they've yet to change my mind on the issue. So....I've spent the past couple days trying to put into words all I wanted to say on the issue. I even started a blog and then left it because I couldn't adequately defend my side.

Today when I signed on to read other people's blogs I saw that Mark Connell had beat me to it. He wrote a very well written blog about the topic. Throughout his blog I found myself nodding in agreement. So I'm going to once again steal his blog because I feel like it is a better portrayal of my thoughts than I can give! :)

I was moved today to express a few of my thoughts regarding the new healthcare bill so....

I am not smart enough to figure out all the ramifications of the new healthcare bill passed by congress last night and I could be totally misguided, misinformed, and a tad bit crazy, but I can't help but feel a sense of gladness and joy this morning. I am glad that millions of Americans, many of them children, will have access to health insurance. I am glad that people with pre-existing medical conditions can no longer be denied coverage by insurance companies. I am also glad that some effort is being made to curtail rising medical expenses, and that certain special interest and business groups will be held to a greater accountability, and that the growing gap between the rich and the poor might be slowed.

I say this fully realizing that it might cost me another dollar or two (or whatever), but I happen to believe there are things I can do without so that the above can be true. It seems that the Jesus I have come to know was always concerned about those who had little and expected those that had to help those who didn't. I also realize that this will mean that there will be those who take advantage of the system and to that I say.... SO What! A least they will have an opportunity to be healthy.

Anyway... here's a few thoughts...

1. Any effort that is made to bring health benefits to more people (especially the weak, the poor, the children) is an effort with which I want to identify.

2. The argument that we cannot afford making medical benefits available to more people does not hold any weight for me. The fact is that our country can afford it, even if it means that each of us surrenders a few more bucks that we would have spent on things for ourselves. We just have to conclude that compassion in the face of human need is a greater value than accumulating more stuff.

3. Any initiative that makes it possible for the common person to have the same access to medical science as the rich appear to have is one I want to hear about.

4. And any group that stands up on behalf of our physicians so that they do not have to fear frivolous lawsuits every time they make a diagnosis and propose a treatment is one I want to support.

Is the new healthcare bill the best way for these things to happen? I really have no idea, but I think it moves in a direction that is a direction that makes me glad.

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