Monday, March 15, 2010


2 years ago this past week (March 11) sweet little Isabel entered my life. My life would be forever changed by that one day. She was in far worse shape than anything I had seen up to that point in my life. Since that time we've battled long and hard with her health and with legal stuff that would allow me to care for her. In the past months she has been staying with a Pastor friend and his family. However, the family is having to go back and forth between here and Nicaragua and are having a hard time caring for all of Izzy's need. During this trip David and I were able to get a meeting at a special needs orphanage. We went to the meeting Friday morning and the granted Izzy a space in their home. The home is AMAZING. They have a professional therapist who comes weekly to work with the kiddos there. There are only 20 kids there and about 18 workers so the ratio is phenomenal. They have a pool and a court yard and so many other things that will be great for Isabel. David, Mike, and I took her to the center today to drop her off. It was was a great feeling to know she is secure in a place that is capable of caring for all of her needs. Yet it was sad for me to say goodbye to her yet again. I think its safe to say she is my favorite person in this world. This momma heart of my loves that little one more than life itself. Praise Jesus for allowing her to be a part of that home and for the people who will be caring for her.


S-city said...

Grandma's heart hurts, too...but glad she is in a place where they can give he such good care. Leaving is always hard, remember my tears when you leave, but know she is in God's loving, caring hands.

Megs said...

SO glad she is in a safe place. sounds like this will be great for her. praying for you.