Monday, March 8, 2010


Today the group built a house for a family that lives out by the dump. It was one of the HOTTEST days I've ever built on for sure! There was no shade AT ALL so of course the entire team ended up getting burnt! However, we managed to build the house in 5 hours. The family we built for was a mom and her 3 children. They had been living in a rickety old house that leaked every time it rained. We were also able to give them some of the basic Honduran food necessities. (beans, rice, sugar, coffee, etc)

After that we went straight to our friend Amber's house. For the past few months she has going into some of the less popular places of the city and feeding a meal out of her truck. She feeds at the same 4 locations every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The people around those areas have come to know her by name and some even refer to her as "mom." Most of the people we saw tonight carried plastic bottles filled with glue that they would sniff occasionally in order to remain high....because as long as they are high they don't notice the hunger pains that plague them. I would say we fed close to 80 - 100 people between the 4 locations. We were able to give them a warm meal and spend some time interacting with them. They were desparate for any love and attention we were willing to offer out to them. We met kids, women, and men of various walks of life. One sweet older man (Diego) was blind. He spent a good 10 minutes sharing his life story with Lauren and I. He wasn't interested in the food but instead simply wanted a cup of water and a few minutes of our time. I was once again humbled beyond belief as I saw how those sweet people are living. Remember today to be blessed for all you have. I know I will be pillowing my head with thanks tonight for that soft bed I'll be sleeping in.

I promise to post some pictures tomorrow! Tonight I'm way sleepy and ready for bed!

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Vicky said...

Ashley...thank you sooooo much for posting. I have been sharing the link on Facebook and I am thrilled with the number of people we are reaching and the number of prayers being offered up on the team's behalf! I love you all sooooooooo much. Keep up the great work and just feel the blanket of God's amazing~ness wrap you in love!