Friday, January 4, 2008


I promise to get back into this blogging thing very soon. Things here have been insanely busy. However, for now I thought I would post some pics from Christmas. Being away from home was rough. It is the first time I haven't gotten to enjoy Christmas with my family and with our traditions. However, if I was missing Christmas for any reason those 15 little faces are the best one I could come up with. Watching them each walk down the hall and stand in awe as they first caught glimpse of the presents around the tree is an imagine I will never forget. Their awe was quickly replaced with sheer joy as they began talking, screaming, and cheering all at once. There may even have been a little dancing going on....that may have just been me though out of excitement for them. :) We went youngest to oldest and watched as each person opened their presents. Thank you to all of you that donated money, sent presents, or helped make Christmas special for my kiddos. A special thanks goes to Jess and Austin. Both were members of my team from Malone and stayed for an extra 8 days. In an act of true sacrifice they both gave up Christmas with their own families in order to stay and celebrate with me and my family here. All in all it was a wonderful day. One that left me longing for home yet content to be exactly where I am.

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