Wednesday, January 9, 2008

momma powers

With each passing day I've come to realize that with the title of momma comes a list of powers that we never realized we had. We have the power to make or break their worlds with a simple yes or no answer to questions. Never before did I realize just how much I did as a child relied on the say so of my parents. We have the power to heal hurts with a simple kiss. It never ceases to amaze me how the second I kiss the boo boo the tears instantly stop as though I just administered a wonder drug. We have the power to sense when something is wrong. Our deep sleeps become sleepless nights as we jump at ever noise that could be our kids. When we do manage to sleep we wake from the deepest of sleeps wondering what woke us ....only to realize there is a crying child waiting to be held. We have the power to chase monsters away with a simple hug. The little ones can wake terrified and cry out in their sleep because of the monsters that are lurking in the bedroom. Yet the second you enter and wrap them the warmth of your arms brings a security like nothing else. The list could go on.....all I know is with each kiss, hug, or tender moment I fall more and more in love with this title that I once thought was so simple - Mom.

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