Saturday, January 19, 2008

Growing up

In the past few days I've come to the realization that my babies are growing up. I'm assuming it is perfectly normal to want to keep your babies but this is ridiculous. Antonio asked to say prayer the other day so I happily obliged thinking that I would simply need to help him through it. So I walked around to his chair and stooped down beside him. Just as I got down eye level with him he looks at me with this matter of fact look on his face and says "no mommy I want to do it alone." Since when did my 2 year old know how to pray. Then to my amazement he says two hands on the table...two hands on your head...two hands on your feet...and so on. It is a trick I learned to use when I wanted them to get quiet before a meal. I was floored. He wasn't only praying but mimicking the normal pre-meal routine. When he was finished and felt they were all quiet he proceeded to tell them to shut their eyes and then in the sweetest voice around talked to God with an innocence like no other! Talk about bringing tears to my eyes! whew! However, I could handle that one incident if that were the only one...but its not. Just this morning I needed things from the pulperia. The kids and I were planning to go on a picnic and we needed chips and drinks. I mentioned running out to get them when Rudy and Yovani chime in that they would love to go get them for me. I told them I would love their which they quickly responded with a comment that sounded too much like "aww mom I'ld rather go alone for fear of being seen with you." !!! For starters when did being in my presence become embarrassing and second of all when the heck did they start going to the pulperia alone? They quickly explained that while I had been in the states they had been allowed to run to the pulperia when something was needed. What the heck! I vaguely remember handing over the money and explaining what purchases needed to be made. Then probably more for my benefit then theirs I told them to be careful as I watched Marvin, Yovani, Pamela, Rudy, and Brayan march out the gate and disappear around the corner. Are they really old enough to be doing that! Yea yea...I know that most Honduran kids run around wherever they want from the moment they can walk. I even realize that most of our kids lived on the street at one point or another. Yet it didn't stop that sinking "they are getting so big" feeling! It is a big step for the house. Another major change/improvement in the house would be the fact that Katty and Maryuri are completely potty trained now. They don't even wear diapers at night and hardly EVER have accidents! Can I get a woot woot! That part of the growing up makes my heart happy while also still reminding me of just how quickly they are changing. Even Antonio wears undies during the day and knows to use the "potty." Today I took him in to use the restroom and he promptly turned around and said "don't look mommy." I mean REALLY! He used to want my help and now he is telling me not to even stand there and wait on him. AND as if THAT isn't enough in 3 weeks little Francisco will be heading off to Kinder! I got all the school uniforms out yesterday to see who had what and what would need to be bought. Pour little Francisco couldn't find anything small enough to fit him. Which isn't really a problem since we have 3 weeks to get something and that was the point of having him try stuff on. However, try explaining all that to a 4 year old little boy who can't wait to go to school. He got all pouty and looked up at me with these tear filled eyes and said "mommy I want to go to school." It took me forever to explain to him that just because he didn't have a uniform right now didn't mean he couldn't go when school started. To him 3 weeks means nothing. He thinks he is going tomorrow and he thinks he won't get to go if someone doesn't hurry up and get him some stinkin pants! So yes...those are just a few examples of how things are changing in this house! It seems like every day they each get a little more independent or change in some way. I know I'm supposed to be happy about probably means that something we are trying to do here is working. Yet all I can think quickly they grow up!

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