Monday, January 7, 2008

My Honduran Family

So when I moved to this country I never imagined that God would bless me with my very own Honduran family. However, that is exactly what He did. Gina and her family have a adopted me in every sense of the word. I'm as much a part of their family as if Mommy had birthed herself. I love each of them in every way I know how to say it. I truly am blessed to be a part of this family ....especially when my own is so far away. Since we are the "daughters" we were of course expected to attend Christmas at their home. Things are done quite different here. EVERYONE celebrates Christmas on the evening of the 24th instead of the 25th. Most people spend the early evening with family then they eat a HUGE dinner around 11 or midnight and open their presents right after. Weird...I know. :) Not to mention that at exactly midnight people kiss one another and sing a Merry Christmas song. All the while hundreds of fireworks are filling the sky with so much smoke it looks like a heavy fog has rolled in and it sounds like you are standing in the midst of a war scene! It was a wonderful evening filled with laughter, jokes, and lots of love.

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