Wednesday, January 9, 2008


and the blogging continues........ We covet your prayers right now. Dorian and Karen are both gone on a much deserved break to visit their families. So for the next few weeks Jen and I are on our own. No big deal except today as I was helping the boys get dressed Fitto walks in and says "Mom, I itch." Looking over I noticed that his chest was covered with these little red spots that much resembled the chicken pox I had as a girl. By the time the clinic opened Fitto was standing waiting. Sure enough we have a case of chicken pox on our hands. So this is where the prayer part comes in. We have a house full of 15 kids. For those of you that had children with chicken pox you will sympathize when I say having a house full of 15 kids with chicken pox is something I don't want to experience. Not to mention that the chicken pox I had hardly qualify as chicken there is a chance that I could even end up with them. So yes...please be praying for our potential epidemic!

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