Thursday, February 7, 2008

Honduran "wild life"

I saw a squirrel today! I was sitting on the back porch doing my devo and noticed movement in the trees....took me a second but I finally found him. I know I are all probably thinking woo hoo who cares it is just a squirrel. BUT I have lived here for over a year now and have NEVER once seen a squirrel! (or any other form of life unless it comes in the form of a creepy crawly thing I would rather not have around) Not to mention that I love squirrels and used to watching them out back of our house or on campus. So it was a big "take me back to home" moment! I sat watching him for a few minutes before I ran inside to grab my camera. He then was ever so kind to wave at the camera as I took his picture. He really was quite cooperative! :) So be glad to know that squirrel do exist here and they look much the same as the ones you find at home.

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