Friday, February 8, 2008

Water Fight!

So the kids and I took advantage of the unusually way warm day and had a water fight....ok so really the way the story went was that I was warm and feeling ornery so filled the water gun when no one was looking! They happily obliged my immature plea for a water war as they all scrambled to find Bowls, bottles, and anything else to help them with the battle!

Even soaked Daniela never stops smiling!
I was obviously the image of intimidation!
The boys quickly learned that half the battle was finding ways to block the water.

This was our water source. Sometimes it was a fight just to get to it.

I had just surrendered my gun and still they were relentless!

Some of them weren't as happy as others to be soaking wet.

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Anna said...

that last picture cracks me up! hahaha. i love you miss ashley. you're the best.