Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Short lived

So....Katty made it through 4 days of kindergarten before getting kicked out! :) She was already a little young to be starting anyways but they thought two years of Kinder would be good for her. However, apparently she was up dancing on the table, taking her shoes off and playing with them, etc. etc. The teacher has a class of 40 students and decided that she couldn't handle that and Katty! And really must I say again ...she really is my child!

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Jaime said...

Since they don't have the luxury of Pre-school there, which is really the social training for kinder, perhaps creating a structured "pre-school" time at the house each morning for the younger kiddos into the schedule, to help build their attention spans for kinder. For Lil' Miss Katty, who's spunk I miss, I hope this helps.