Wednesday, February 6, 2008

sweet moments

I would love to share with you every time that the kids did something sweet or every time they tugged at my heart strings. However, if I did that I would spend more time on my computer than experiencing such moments. So instead let me tell you one that has stuck with me the past few days. One that reminded me of how glad I am to be here to experience such moments.

A couple of nights ago I awoke to hear Antonio crying out for me. As usual I scooped him up and carried him back to my bed so I could snuggle away whatever bad dream he had been having. Well despite the interruption to his sleep and the long night he still woke up earlier than normal the next morning. Of course if he woke up earlier than normal that meant I needed to be awake as well. I woke to his gentle nudging and his sweet whisper saying "mommy." Although he was awake and it was clear he wasn't going back to sleep he wasn't quite ready to get up. He simply shook his head when I offered to go to the playroom with him. Then he silently moved from his sitting position beside me and crawled on top of me. Once there he curled up with his arms beneath him and his head nuzzled under my chin. Eyes wide open and not moving in the least he seemed content so just lay quietly. Covering us both back up we laid like that as morning came and woke the rest of the kiddos. Within moments they too were in my room relentlessly vying for my attention. The quiet moment was over but not forgotten. Even as I got up to begin the day I could feel the warmth of where his little body had been resting on mine. It was the sweetest of moments and one I will cherish it forever.

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