Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We're here!

Colby and I flew into Honduras yesterday....after a LONG and very frustrating day of traveling. It is funny to me that while I lived here I always seemed to have problems flying from here to home. I hardly ever had an uneventful flight back into the states. Now that I'm living in the states I can't seem to get back to Honduras very easily. Just more proof that Satan is a booger! He knew how badly I looked forward to my trips to the states and he knows now how much I can't wait to get back here and so he sabotages that!

None the less we made it!!!! We woke up to the chirping of some tropical birds and beautiful sunshine shining through the windows! We spent the day cleaning up and organizing some things before going out to Valley of the Angels to shop! We spent the rest of the day loving on some of my favorite people in this world. :) We cooked baleadas (a tortilla fried up with beans, cheese, and montiquilla inside of it) and sat around just enjoying being all together. It was a blissful moment for this heart (and stomach) for sure!

The are so "fresa"


S-city said...

Missing you and that special place and those special people. Love you all of you!

Vicky said...

You ALWAYS look especially happy in Honduras...I wonder why!!!! Love you!