Sunday, October 3, 2010

Being a Mom

Some days I feel like a mom. For those of you who don't know I work as a nanny. 4 days a week I work with triplets and 2 days a week I nanny for twins. I'm accustomed to baby lingo, baby talk, baby schedules, and baby play dates. I find myself saying things like tush or bottom instead of butt. I understand endless chattering, incessant pointing, and body language as clearly as if they had spoken an actual sentence. I frequently meet "other" moms at the local aquarium, zoo, park, beach, etc. for a play date so that "my kids" can play with theirs and we can get some moments of sanity from being with an actual adult. I even tend to find myself saying things like "I love the mommy hook stroller hanger" or weighing in on the best strollers (the BOB or Maclaren) or the worst car seats (Eddie Bauer). I honestly feel like some days I AM A MOM. Let's be honest I dress like a mom and I spend my weekends wanting to do nothing but relax. :) One of my "fellow moms" posted this site the other day about baby lingo and sadly enough I read it through and saw the truth in all of it!

This was by far my favorite.....

STUPIDTASTER n. [Fr. lack of intelligence + supertaster]: A supertaster is a person who is more sensitive than the average Joe to bitter, salty, sweet and sour tastes. A stupidtaster is a toddler who makes irrational, baffling choices when it comes to what he will and won’t eat. He won’t eat melon. He will eat sand. He won’t touch tomatoes. He will nibble on Crayons. And while the sight of spaghetti sauce makes him scream, that dried-up piece of old Play-Doh doesn’t taste half bad.

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