Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sea Kayaking

A few months ago my friends and I went sea kayaking here in Virginia Beach. We tried going last summer. I had found a great price for a sea kayaking dolphin tour. The guide would provide the kayaks and then lead us out into the ocean to where he often finds dolphin pods. Last year when we went the weather had been bad so the water was choppy to say the least. The guide told us that the waves were an 8 on a 1 -10 scale. Needless to say we didn't see any dolphins and we weren't out in the ocean for long. I was TERRIFIED. I don't get scared of many things but for whatever reason I froze up and quite paddling every time we hit a big wave. Poor Mike (who was in my Kayak last year) had to do all the work. We did go back in the inlet area and that was WAY better for me. After last years experience I swore I'd never go again.

HOWEVER, this summer came and I found myself once again calling the same sea kayaking guide to schedule a trip. Mike was back in town and wanted to try it again....only this time he refused to be my partner! :) This year the weather was BEAUTIFUL. The water was perfectly calm and we paddled straight out and into the middle of a dolphin pod. They would seriously pop up within a paddles distance from our kayaks. It was honestly one of the most breath-taking and peaceful experiences I've ever experienced. At one point I just drifted along in the kayak watching the dolphins jump and play in the water ad the sun dipped below the shoreline behind them. Needless to say I enjoyed this experience way better than last year's trip and I would recommend EVERYONE do this! :)

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