Saturday, October 16, 2010

home in a small town

I know lots of people who claim to come from a small town but I truly did grow up in a small town! My small town defines small towns! It is so small it is considered a village! :) It has a population of maybe 600. The town itself is 9 blocks with no stop lights. We have no cell service at all and until a couple of years ago we were unable to get high speed internet. I used dial up until I got to college! When people from home tell where we are from we say Morgan County instead of referencing the town because our entire county is so small. We have one high school for our entire county. One junior high. and 3 grade schools. Even with having just one high school I still only had 180 people in my graduating class. I grew up in a small town.

The picture above is from the only gas station in our town. For my entire life that gas station has had the same pumps. While other areas were upgrading and updating their systems we remained the same. The pump in the picture is the actual one still used. Paying at the pump isn't even an option!

Oh how I love my town. I love the quaint and simple ways. I love how peaceful and calm it always is. I just love it there! :)

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