Monday, October 18, 2010


Have you ever felt disconnected to God? Have you ever doubted He even existed or if He really cared? Have you ever been in season of doubt or spiritual desert? Have you ever been desperate for a touch from God and wondered when He was going to show up? If you answered yes to any of these questions then I assure you that you are in good company. You are probably normal and if nothing else average. God is growing you even in that season of doubt and despair. And God has a story for you that you are living out if you'll just hang on long enough for Him to reveal it.

Trust me I've been there....several times. However, it should be more reassuring for you that the bible is full of doubters just like yourself. I'm not just talking about Thomas (who always seems to be the guy we go to when talking about doubt. Poor guy.)

Job, Jeremiah, David, Sarah, Elijah, Peter, John the Baptist . . . men and women of faith who at one time or another questioned God, or the task God had called them to, or even their season of life. Heck Jonah didn't just question the role God was calling him to he RAN from it. He literally chose to throw himself into a raging sea over just answering God's call. Trust me you are in good company.

If you are in a funk and waiting for God to "show up" in your life I want to encourage you to wait, trust, and keep showing up. I don't know when or how, but I know He will. And remember in those moments when you feel ashamed of your doubt or questions that you aren't the first follower of Christ to have those feelings and you certainly aren't the last. Let Him work in you even in the midst of the doubt.

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