Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I have an intense love relationship with Coffee. I am what they call.....an addict. I was not born with that naturally caffeinated gene like some people. You know the type I'm referring to....those people who can get 4 hours of sleep a night and bounce out of bed in the morning ready to tackle the world. Now don't get me wrong I do better than some at getting out of bed and I can usually run on little sleep. However, on those days (or weeks) after a short night of sleep I drag myself through the day so much better when there is a caffeinated beverage in my hand! It is often my life line, my phone a friend, my anti-cranky drug....heck its my sanity in liquid form.

Starbucks....it's like a beacon in the night for me. I'm fairly certain I could spot that mermaid (the starbucks symbol) from a mile away on real days of caffeinated desperation. Starbucks recently started this policy where if you can register a card (if you go to starbucks and haven't done this you definitely should). After you have registered that card on the website you then load money onto that card and use the card to purchase your drinks. Every time you use your card you get a gold star....not an actual gold star although who wouldn't enjoy that! The gold star just goes towards your card. Once you get 30 stars you become a "Starbucks Gold Card Member!" I'm pretty sure I qualified for my gold card within the first 30 days of this policy starting! They actually send you a gold starbucks card, with your name on it, in the mail. You can then use that card and get even more discounts and rewards!

I like it all.....really I think I do. Every last drink they have.....One of my ALL TIME favorites from there however has to be there pumpkin spice lattes. They are are seasonal drink and I practically count down the days until it is back. However, their lattes tend to run in the $4.50 or higher price range and I struggle to pay that. Recently a friend informed me that if I simply bought a black coffee and asked them to put a shot of pumpkin in it that it tastes almost the same....and saves me almost $1.50-$2.00 a drink! For those of you who like a little creamer in your coffee you can just add some milk and BAM perfection! It truly is delightful.

Now for a little known fact about me. As much as I like coffee and really all caffeinated beverages I don't really like HOT beverages. I'm more of a luke-warm beverage kind of girl. I go so far as to customize my starbucks drinks by asking them to make my drink at a lower temperature. I hate being so needy but honestly I have to let my drink cool for close to an hour if I order it at the normal temperature. I'm a wimp. But hey I know what I like! :)

So yea....caffeinated beverages = life support for me most days. What are some of YOUR favorite drinks or funny drink preferences? And for those of you who don't drink coffee....how DO you do it?

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