Friday, May 23, 2008

Day off

Each Thursday is my "day off." It means I have the day to run errands in the city, catch up on homework, or do whatever I need to do. Yesterday was spent dropping my two best friends off at the airport. Not exactly a "fun" thing to be doing but none the less was how the day began. After returning home I decided I wanted some "quiet" time. For all of you who have ever been around this place you know that "quiet moments" are few and far between. Grabbing my ipod and book I headed outside to the hammock. Within 3 minutes of being in the hammock miss Maryuri wandered over and simply lifted her arms into the air signaling she expected to be scooped up into the hammock with me. Knowing her presence could kill the whole quiet thing I hesitated only a second before happily olbiging her request. Much to my surprise once in the hammock she simply curled up on my chest and lay there perfectly still. So still that I thought she had fallen asleep. I don't know how long we lay like that....just enjoying each other's company. Before too long we were discovered and joined by some of the other kiddos. By that time I was just happy to be near them. More than that I loved that they found such joy being near me. My "quiet time" may not have looked like I thought it might but it was definitely my favorite part of the day. 

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