Friday, May 30, 2008

Going Home

Today long last.....I GET TO GO HOME. I'll only be in the states for 10 days and the main purpose for my visit is my roommates wedding. None the less I am boarding a plane and for 10 days I get to drink Starbucks, take bathes, play with my dog, swim in my pool, eat my momma's cooking, and see people I haven't seen in FAR too long. This past week as it began to sink in that I really was going hoe again I could hardly believe it. I mean I remember when the "how many days till I go home countdown" was in the 190's. Suddenly I was down to 7....and then 4...and then 1. This morning I woke up thinking that by tonight I'll be hugging on my parents, Sam, and Anna. It was a good feeling. Don't get me wrong I will struggle as I hug my kiddos and then force myself to turn around and place one foot in front of the other. Leaving them, no matter the amount of time, is always hard. I know that climbing into my own bed tonight will be bitter-sweet as I will love being back in MY bed but have to place pillows around me where they normally sleep.... just so I can sleep. However, regardless of ALL of that......I WILL BE HOME in a few short hours. If you need/want to reach me my states number is 740-221-1620 (cell) or 740-559-2126 (home) :) 

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