Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pool Time

While I was out and about the other day I decided it was past time to purchase another pool for the kiddos. Although the nice big 15 - 20 person pool looked tempting I know my children well enough to know that no matter how much you spend on a is ALWAYS breakable. Therefore, I went for the smaller less appealing 5 person swimming pool. I could buy 5 of those for the price of the other. Not to mention the fact that drowning would be a lot less likely in this little pool...and THAT is really all that matters. Besides we have to remember that a couple weeks ago the kids were using pans of water to sit/play in. No matter what size the pool was the fact that they could get their whole bodies in it and wet was a huge improvement. They were so excited to get to play in it. So for now it is our new toy and we (yep I did say we....I of course had to get in too!) are loving it. 

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