Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stop the World

The TV is talking 
The telephone's ringing 
The lights are all on 
And the radio's screaming

A million distractions are stealing my heart from You
I'm tired and empty
This life is relentless
It weakens my knees 
And breaks my defenses 
It's wearing me down and I'm desperate to hear from You

Stop the world I wanna get out 
I need an escape away from this crowd 
Just to hear You speak to me 

I need to be still before I make a move 
I need to be humble with nothing to prove 
I need Your Word to show me the truth 
And I need time, precious time

Stop the world I wanna get out 
I need an escape away from this crowd 
Just to hear You speak to me 
Stop the world I'm ready to listen 
Show me sign, give me a vision of heaven 
I can hold on to 
Stop the world I need some time with You 

Before I can find my voice 
I need to hear Your voice 
Above all the senseless noise 

----Stop the World by Matthew West

At this point in life Jen knows this heart about as well as anyone. That being said ....when she sent me this song the other night it couldn't have been more right or appropriate. It couldn't have better summed up what this heart has been crying out lately. Sometimes I'm left wondering if anyone else out there has days when they just want to throw up their hands and give up. Am I alone and wishing that I could stop life and and the world around me even if only for a little while. I have definitely hit one of those points again lately. We live in a world of distractions....a world that works so hard at keeping our focus off God and instead on the things of this world. It is a world that seems to get faster and busier by the day. There are just moments when I feel like it has gotten so out of control I can't even hold on anymore. 


Jaime said...
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Jaime said...

sweetie, yes! You are not alone in that feeling. I too have felt in a bit of a slump, even starting a new job which should be exciting, I feel distracted from what matters. Heartstrings get pulled toward what matters but it seems there is always something else screaming in front of it for our attention. Enjoy your visit, you will be renewed and restored to return to your home away from home and start it all over again, stronger! Love you!