Wednesday, May 7, 2008

First Blankets

As you all know May 1st kicked off the blanket ministry. Well it just so happens that on that very same day my friend Emily and her grandma AJ flew in...bringing with them the first 24 blankets towards our 500. (which by the way I think we can reach in 6 months!) They were super excited to be able to contribute to the cause but never before have I had someone be so excited to show me blankets as these two were. After seeing the blankets and hearing the story behind them I understand why. As they flipped open the bag I saw that the blankets (so soft and double layered for warmth) had Jesus loves you AND Jesus me ama written on them. However, it gets even better. As they handed me the first blanket they went on to explain that the blankets were from a Presbyterian church in Zanesville. One of their youth leaders had ordered the material knowing they were going to make blankets out of them but unsure what the blankets were supposed to go for. They knew nothing about this blanket ministry (heck the blog hadn't even been thought of when they ordered the material!) or about AJ's trip here. They didn't know then that the spanish writing on them would be a ministry in and of itself.  It wasn't until they heard about AJ's trip here that they knew that God had a plan for those blankets all along. Not only will the recipients of these blankets be warmed by the material they will also be warmed by the (very real) message of Jesus' love that is written all over the blanket. I'm yet again blown away by the way God works. :) 

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