Friday, May 9, 2008

Honduran travel

People talk all the time about how crazy drivers are in Honduras.  They make jokes after joke about the way people pass on blind turns, the way people drive with one (or less) headlights, they way people honk for EVERYTHING, the way people go 4 cars wide at certain places in the road, and so on. However, it isn't the cars or crazy drivers that get me. It is the fact that you can be driving down the ANY road and come across live stock that have taken up residence somewhere in the middle. More than once a week you'll see a guy herding his cattle down the road.  (highways included) OR you'll have days like the above pictures where guys will be leading their horses down roads that are too skinny to pass on...meaning you have to follow behind at HIS pace forever. Then there are the random cows that like to sleep in the middle of your lane because it is just SOOO much more comfortable than anywhere else....and then they refuse to move when you come by. Heck! AND people wonder why I don't drive here! :) 

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AJ said...

Hi Ashley!
I got in bed by 2: this morning! It was a great trip! Terri and Marc helped us so much! God had to have put them on the same plane as we were on to ease our minds. They made it all so easy.
We had a wonderful week with you!
I have the pictures downloaded and some printed. Wow what a wonderful week!!! Time went so fast!
Tell the children Hi from Grandma AJ and give them a hug!
We loved being with you and send you our love.