Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Honduras Team


So I’ve once again dropped the ball with blogging. BUT I promise that for at least the next 2 weeks I will blog daily.

In just 6 days I’ll be boarding a plane and heading back down to Honduras where I’ll meet up with a team of 17. Mike and I are once again co-leading a trip. The majority of the team members are from Malone (my undergrad college) and are college age. However, I’m thrilled to tell you that Mike’s mother will be joining us this trip. She has spent the past 3 years pouring her own sweat, tears, love, and dedication into the ministry there. She is invested in the people and the work we do there and I can’t wait for her to experience it first hand. Thrown in with a group of college kids she has already been dubbed the trip Mom. For those of you who know her you know that this is a very appropriate title. J She has certainly already taken a role of mother in my own life. I’ve adopted her in as my Momma Vicky and I’m thrilled to be going on this trip with her.

Like Vicky about half of our team has never been to Honduras and many have never even been on a missions trip outside of the U.S. so this should be exciting! About 7 of our 17 have been to Honduras with me on trips in the past and have chosen to journey back again. We are going to be doing a lot of the same things on this trip but will be adding new things that even I have not done before. We are joining with new ministries and serving in new ways. It is going to be an exciting trip for sure! I hope you will all check back in on this blog to watch as God does miraculous things!

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Vicky said...

Ok...you did it!!! Thank you for bringing it all home to my heart!!! I am ready! I am open! I can't wait to see what God has planned for this trip Mom and the entire team!!! Love you, Ashley...Momma Vicky