Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today our whole team went into an area and worked with an organization called the Micah Project. A group of Americans (one of which is Malone alumni) run it. Their main function is a home for boys from the streets. Most of the boys have run away from abusive home, their parents have abandoned them, or their parents have died. We went into the streets with the group today and passed out baldeadas (fried tortillas filled with beans and cheese) to the 'street people'. A lot of these people along with most of the boys from the Micah Project home seem to have at least one common problem. You'll see them with some type of bottle filled with glue held up to their nose. They sniff it to get a high. It is a very cheap, accessible drug for them. For most of them the high helps them to not think of the things going on in their life and helps to numb their hunger pains.
After we passed out their lunch we came back and watched a documentary called 'Glue Boys' that talks about how world wide the issue of glue sniffing is. We then ate lunch with everyone from the Micah house and a couple of the boys who live there now preformed a song for us that they wrote called a,e,i,o,u hermanos en Jesus. So cute! We then went down the road and played soccer (or futbol) with the boys from the house. I will tell you what, those Hondurans love their soccer and play it well! One of our own, Jeb Ford was able made a pretty awesome goal too! Now the other half of our group who didn't get to go last night are out with Amber feeding some more street kids.
After running into such a 'road block' with the money issue yesterday, it sure has not stopped God at work down here! Even if we are not able to raise enough money to do some of the things we planned, there are definitely enough people that just need loved on. And that's something we all can do more! We've all also got to enjoy spending some time with 'the brothers' and loving on them the past two days. All and all, I'd say the trip so far has been great and i know with God leading us each day it will only get better! I have come to fall in love with this country and the people all over again! Thank you all for you prayers and support!
~Caity Davis :)

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