Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day Three (Wednesday)

Today our group met up with our friend Amber again. Amber works with the homeless people in one area of the city and God recently blessed her with an 18 room building in that area of town. The building definitely needs some TLC. So our first stop today was to that building to work with Amber and her interns. We painted, scraped paint, tore out ceilings, and some of the luckier team members even got to clean two rooms full of pigeon poop and feathers! There are currently two homeless couples that are living in the building despite the current conditions. They welcome the safe place to stay that doesn't include the cold streets of the city. I was humbled beyond belief by one of the couples. They stayed with us all day helping us do everything. When it came to eat lunch (pizza) some of us were finishing painting a wall while the others ate. When the husband was offered a slice he replied that he would "wait to eat until his friends ate." He refused to eat until after we had finished working and had eaten. When his wife was offered pizza she said that they would wait for the leftovers. She, a homeless women with no income, was worried about US getting enough food. If you want to read more about Amber and her ministry check out her blog at

After our day of demolition and renovation we headed to the Basilica here in Tegucigalpa. It is a BEAUTIFUL catholic church and an amazing place of worship. The church is so huge it has an 11 second echo!

We then met up with Mark Connell and a few others to help unload a semi truck full of donations for Honduras. The truck had been shipped from Tennessee and was loaded with a phenomenal playground set, food, kitchen utensils, medical stuff, and so much more. As I carried box after box I couldn't help but think how much those boxes would bless the people of this country.

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