Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Part 2 of day 1: Feeding the homeless

Last night, eight members of our team had the opportunity to help out
with a homeless ministry that is lead by another missionary from the
U.S. named Amber who has established herself here in Honduras. We
helped her and her team of interns serve hot food to some of the local
homeless within the city, Tegucigalpa. This experience was both
humbling and rewarding. What I loved most about tonight was being able
to see the relationships that Amber has built with the people we were
feeding. She knew many of them by name and they even called her mom. I
could definitely sense the love that was shared between these two
seemingly different groups of people with two totally different
backgrounds. The love that I sensed was no doubt God's love. Amber
told our group before we got off the bus that we are Jesus to these
people. I almost felt that these people were more like Jesus to us,
many of them very humble and grateful for us to serve them. Even
though some of them may not be followers of Christ, I still could see
the love they had for each other as well as for our group. I saw Jesus
in them. I believe that God's love can be found in anyone, it's just
that some don't acknowledge or embrace it. This week I am hoping to
experience God's love in places and people that I might not expect to
find it. His love is everywhere. We just have to learn to look for it
and embrace it.

-Jeb Ford

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