Friday, June 25, 2010

Day Five

Today was a day not of physical exhaustion but of emotional exhaustion. We visited a hospital where we were able to hand out toys and blankets to the children that were being treated for various illnesses and sicknesses. It was especially hard for me to walk through and see children laying with oxygen masks and IV tubes in their arms because they were being treated for cancer. You wouldn't believe how many children were laying there with blank stares on their faces because there is nothing else they can do. So we gave them beanie babies and made paper airplanes with them. It was the least we could do to help ease the pain. It was hard, really hard to see them in that state.
Some of us went to the Pediatric floor and saw a child that was recently hit by a car because he was playing and ran into the street to get his ball. Another was one that was shot in his back as he was walking in to the grocery. It is these things that just break you a little more every day to see God's children in pain and uncomfortable but you cannot do anything but hand them a toy or a blanket.
Next, we visited a special needs orphanage where we were able to sit, walk, hold, laugh, and color with them. The joy that these little children had was humbling and uplifting. They have nothing and no one there for them aside for those that work there and care for them yet they God is present and with them. I have no doubt that these children experience God more than we do.
The next place we went to was a boys correctional facility. When we got there the Honduras World Cup game was on so we were able to sit there and watch it with them. There are about 50 boys ages 8 - 18 in a small room and you can imagine how excited they were when Honduras almost scored a goal. Some of us also played dominos and other board games with them as the game was on and after it was over. After the Hondo game some of the guys played futbol with the boys at the facility. It was fun to watch the gringos vs. the Hondurans. You can imagine how that turned out. Also, the boys at the facility made bracelets that support them and we were able to buy them as we left.
The last thing we did was visit another orphanage where we took a bunch of pizzas for them. While there some of the girls went and held the babies while the rest of us kicked a soccer ball around with them and played tag.
It was a great day playing with so many kids and watching them smile as we played with them. At the same time its hard to see all these kids and know they do not have parents and no one to take care for them. It is absolutely heartbreaking to experience this but it keeps bring me to one of my favorite verses in the Bible: Proverbs 23:17, "There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off." Even though life is hard and the pain is unbearable there will be a time when we will not be on this earth and all our pain and troubles will be gone. These children will not experience anything but the love and joy of God.

-Brent for the team

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