Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 1 (Monday)

So as I mentioned before .....we made it! We ended up watching an unfortunate Honduras loss. Spain ended up winning 2 to nothing. :( However, it was fun to get to watch a Honduran soccer game while in a country that lives, eats, and sleeps soccer.

Now for more bad news and a huge prayer request. While we were in the restaurant someone broke into our truck and stole David's (a local missionary who is working with us) backpack. That backpack held David's ipod, David's passport, and a large portion of the team's money that we were taking to pay outstanding bills we had for lodging, food, and wood to build houses with. First of all for all the parents who are reading this.....I promise you that your children are safe. Cars get broken into all the time in the states. This was no different. They simply broke the lock, got in the car, and took our stuff. Now that being said I can admit that this is a less than ideal situation. We are reworking our itinerary to include more free projects and less of the things that cost a significant amount. I have to believe that God has a plan for this. It's quite possible that instead of building houses this week we are supposed to be focusing our time loving on street kids somewhere or visiting orphanages here.

However, I am asking that you would consider helping us raise more funds. I realize some of you have already given all that you can and for that I am grateful. However, for those of you who feel God leading you to give I pray that you would do so. If you look to the left side of my blog you will see a "donate now" button. If you click on that it will take you through the process of giving money to my pay pal. I will then be able to access that money from here.

I'm once again reminded of our theme verse for the week....Mark 12:41-44. That women gave everything that she had. She gave until it hurt. So now I'm asking that all of you would consider doing the same.

After we took care of the stealing issue we headed up to the Mission House where we would be staying for the week. We got unpacked, had a team meeting, and then had dinner. After dinner the team split up. Half went into the city to meet up with our friend Amber Foster to feed some homeless people. (I'll let one of them blog about that experience when they get back.) The rest of us stayed behind and sorted out all the donation stuff we had brought with us.


Sharon Neifer said...

God has some wonderful plans for this mission team or Satan would not be trying so hard to get in the way! God bless each of you and everyone you touch today!

Bettyllew said...

I agree with Sharon. It will be awesome to see what God's plan will be for this team. My son, Mike Noland is a member of this team. I posted the blog on my facebook so I pray there will be prayers and/or funds coming out to you all.