Monday, May 5, 2008

Another night time friend

Meet yet another one of my night time companions.....I enjoy this one A WHOLE LOT less than my beetle buddy. This one I had to call in the reinforcements for. Dorian came running when he heard my screams and was glad to kill it for me! :) Oh gosh it gives me cold chills just looking at the picture...I HATE SPIDERS. 


Karen Burnfield said...

Oh my Larry!!!!!!!!!!! I would have died. I guess that we shouldn't have complained about the ones a Yama huh? Where's Kitty when you need her? Love ya!

Kitty said...

Kitty is running from THIS one, just like she did when the bat was in our room!! :) :)

Ashley said...

ha! found one even Kitty refuses to kill!!! :) Come on isn't any bigger than that one that was under the beam that night at the cabin!;) ....ha!