Monday, December 27, 2010

And so it begins

We woke up at 2:00 this morning and headed for the airport. With everyone being on Christmas break people were flying from all over. Myself and 2 others were going from Columbus, 14 people were flying from Canton, 1 from Providence, 1 from Kentucky, 1 from Nashville, 2 from Pittsburgh, etc.

When I arrived at the airport I found that our flight had been delayed and that I wouldn't make it to Atlanta in time to make my connecting flight. As I began questioning the people at the Delta counter they gave me a number to call to work it all out. So I got on the phone and began what would be an hour long phone conversation in pursuit of a solution. I had a wonderful and friendly lady on the other end and she did her best to accommodate myself and the other 2 with me. However, no matter what she did there was just no way that they 3 of us could get to Honduras before Wednesday. We could fly out today and go to Atlanta but the flight out of Atlanta going to Honduras was booked solid tomorrow. So we are having to wait until Wednesday to fly out. I cannot express to you the amount of sadness I am carrying with me right now. I awoke this morning preparing to head to the country that I love so much. I expected to be hugging the necks of those brown people I cherish. Instead I spent 7 hours driving to Columbus, working stuff out, and driving home. And now I wait.....

The girl flying from Providence is delayed until tomorrow. And the two going from Pitt will fly in on Wednesday.

8 of the 14 flying out of Canton made it to Atlanta in time for their connecting flight. The other 6 missed the connecting flight so will be spending the night in the airport tonight and hopefully will make it to Honduras tomorrow.

So as of right now 10 of our 22 are in Honduras. 6 are stranded in Atlanta. And 6 of us will be flying out in the next day or two.

Please continue pray for safe and speedy travels for the team. I'll keep you updated the best I can as things unfold.

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Michael Noland said...

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.”
-1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Satan, wants to defeat us and take us out. He doesn’t want us to win and is working overtime to make sure you and I are discouraged and overwhelmed. Take courage in that God leads the way. He leads the way wherever you go. So exchange your fears for confidence in Him.

Always praying......