Thursday, December 30, 2010


Today we headed to my friend Amber's ministry. She started feeding homeless people a meal out of the back of her truck. She would drive from spot to spot feeding them food and building a relationship with them. About 6 months ago she began renting a building in one of the sketchier areas of town. The building is HUGE and Amber has huge dreams for the location. It needs a lot of TLC but it is an amazing project. They have already opened the doors and are allowing some of the homeless community sleep in the rooms. They are now feeding 4 days a week out of the front room and they have church service every Sunday morning in the building.

Our team spent the day painting rooms. Building benches to be used as seating for their church services and scrubbed the entire building clean.

This evening we went back to Amber's to serve food to the homeless. We bought 30 pizzas to distribute as a special treat. They normally get beans and rice so pizza was a welcome change. We ended up having way more pizza than we needed so we loaded the extras on the bus and started driving the streets looking for people to give some to. We didn't have to go far before we found people sleeping on the streets or families walking around. We would pull over and ask if they wanted pizza. At one point the kids we gave pizza to started jumping around and cheering. A piece of pizza made their night......I was humbled to tears.


Vicky said...

And again...another absolutely adorable little girl for Ashley to love on!!!! Great job, Team!!!!

Linda said...

Way to go with that saw, Melissa! I am so glad that all of you got to go and experience the wonders that you are seeing. Happy New Year to all of you!