Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I'm home in Ohio again and I get to stay until after Christmas! woot woot! :) I was gotten out of bed by my favorite little boy. The second he walked through the door he was shouting my name and running back to my room to find me. There is NO better way to wake up. After breakfast we headed outside to play in the snow together. He lasted way longer than I thought he would. We were out there for about 45 minutes and when we came in he cried because he wanted to stay out longer! He clearly got my love for snow! :) I can't stay out of the snow. I LOVE it. Snow seriously turns me into a 5 year old all over again I get so giddy about it!
I taught Clayton how to make the perfect snow angel. It was his first snow angel ever and is quite possibly the smallest snow angel ever made! :)

He LOVED it when I threw snow at him. The closer I got it to his face the more he laughed. I also love Molly in the background of this picture as she races back to me with her stick.
My 2 favorite snow buddies! :)

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