Thursday, December 16, 2010

heavy heart

There are days when Honduras is on my heart even heavier than normal. Today and yesterday have been days like that. Two of the employees at the orphanage where I worked (whom I adore) are going through the loss of their mother. My heart breaks for them and I want more than anything to be there with them through this. I want to be able to alleviate their pain and stress even slightly. Standing on this side of the border is harder than ever on days like this. I'm reposting a blog that Karen posted with the story of what is happening. Please be praying for this sweet family whom I love.

"For about three weeks now two of our employees mother had been admitted to the hospital. She has been through quite a journey. They did not think she was going to make it long upon her entering the hospital. She went into a coma and was hooked up to all sorts of machines. The Dr.'s told them that it was only in Gods hands if she would get better. Well this Sunday she started to move around and talk. Monday they took off the oxygen and she even drank water. Things seemed to be really looking up. Well Tuesday morning she took a down fall fast and was not doing so well.

This morning at 1 we got a phone call from Dilcia saying her mother had passed away. It was the middle of the night and she was all alone and did not even begin to know what to do. Shortly after we got another phone call from Reina sobbing and wanting us to help. They needed us to bring them some money and go get a casket. They do funerals here in Honduras a whole different way. The usually just prepare the bodies themselves and they keep the body at home around all of the family and do an all night vigil and then the next morning they all walk to the cementary to say to their finally good byes and bury them.
Well they did not have a casket and Dorian and I were clueless as to where to look in the middle of the night to buy a casket. Dorian found out from our guard that there was a place in Ojojona and Dorian headed there to see if he could find one. Sure enough he did find someone who would sell him a casket. Then it was off to Hospital Escuela to get the casket to Dilcia so they could get their mom out of the hospital.
Upon arriving at the hospital they would not let him in since he was not family. Dilcia soon came out and they let him come on in. He went with Dilcia's brother to the morge and got their mother. She was just throw aside on a bed in a plastic bag. They picked up the plastic bag and placed her in the casket.
To make all of this even more frustrating. They found out their mother had passed away yesterday at 4 in the afternoon. The only reason Dilcia knew is because she stood up to look over a wall to see her mom laying in her bed and it was another woman. So Dilcia at 1am asks the doctor where her mom is and they tell her she is dead and she died yesterday at 4!!!!To say all of this those of you who have been here to Honduras and have been to Hosptial Escuela might understand this a little more.Her mother was in the emergency room part in ICU. The family could not be in the room with her. They had to wait in the emergency room. There was someone there 24/7 incase their mom needed something. There has been lots of long nights and days and there still is a long road ahead for their family. Please keep them in your prayers! Anyone who would like to help with funeral costs send me a message!"

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