Saturday, December 11, 2010

Project 320

Today I...

Took a shower.
Brushed my teeth.
Filled the coffee pot.
Filled the Christmas tree stand.
Ran the dishwasher.
Ran the washing machine.
Used the toilet.
Washed my hands.
Did some more dishes.
Rinsed salad greens.
Ran baths.
Topped off my iron.
Fed my kids glasses of fresh, clean water.

Water, water, water...

Is it fair that today I whine & worry over trees & toys,
when today 4500 moms just like me are worrying whether their
children will live or die?

Over contaminated water?

When I think about how healthy and safe my family is, I have no worries.
I need nothing.
I am so blessed.

But those other moms need us.
Together, we can relieve some worry.

So a fellow blogger friend of mine is doing an online fundraiser to help raise money to build a well in Africa. Africa is to her what Honduras is to me....its her passion. Her heart song. She goes to bed thinking of the thousands there who are starving or thirsty. She wakes up seeing the faces of children who are caked in dirty because they have no water to bathe in.

She is in fact the same friend who lead me to the shopping site called Water4Christmas that I told you about last week. You know the site I told you ALL to visit and shop from. In case you missed that blog you can still go to the link at and shop! The money raised on that site goes to fund the building of wells in West Africa OR if you are all done with your holiday shopping and you just want to donate towards the project then go to fund a well through charity No one should ever have to go without water. They shouldn't have to worry about sickness or join me in donating towards a good cause!

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