Friday, December 31, 2010


Today we headed out to one of my favorite villages, Nuevo Oriental, to set up a clothing store. We took all of the clothing, blankets, shoes, etc that were donated by people back home and organized it in a building in the village. It is kind of like a glorified yard sale. We organize the clothing on tables and then allow the people that live there to enter and "shop" for stuff. We charged 20 Lemps ($1) for 10 items. They then could sort through and find the type/size of clothing that they wanted and then purchase those items. We have found that by accepting their money for the items they are able to keep a level of dignity and they have a sense of ownership. We then take the money that we make from the clothing sales and donate it back to the local feeding center. We ended up making $140.

We were also able to play with the kiddos all day. That village has a TON of children. Which is of course one of the main reasons I LOVE it there.

We played duck, duck, goose and tug-a-war.

We walked around and helped the people shop. The line to get into the place was SOOO long!

We ate at Carnitas tonight for dinner. I clearly enjoyed the food! :) I think that because I'm only here for a week it is acceptable to gorge myself on food because I soon won't be able to eat these delicious meals! The restaurant makes some of the best food I've eaten in this country.


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Happy New Year!!! What a great way to enter into 2011!!!!!

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Mike looks like he is amazed you could get all that in your mouth.

Happy New Year to you and all the team.

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