Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cindy Lou

Since being back I've been amazed at the changes I've seen in this little girl. She and her sister (Maryuri) came to live at Casa in October of 2006. Since then Cindy has proven to be one of our most difficult kiddos. At 6 years old this little one has seen and been through more than any full grown adult ever should have to. Her past has left her as promiscuous, rebellious, and down right stubborn as any child I've EVER known. Yet in the last month or so she seems to have made a complete turn around. She is polite and helpful. The fits that she used to throw and tantrums that left us feeling worn out from dealing with her seem to be figments of our imagination. Not once have I had to restrain her, endure her fits, or try to create ways to make her listen and behave. Instead she is one of our best behaved children. Whatever caused this turn around I pray daily that it continues. I pray that this isn't just a phase but that we have actually made a breakthrough with her.   

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