Thursday, August 28, 2008

We miss Papi Mike

Jen, Sam, Mike, and I got up way early Tuesday morning to head for the San Pedro airport. Once there we got Mike all checked in and made sure he was set for his flight before saying our goodbyes. I had spent the previous couple of days watching him say good bye to the kids and other friends he has made in this country. Each and every one was heartfelt and difficult in its own way. When I got back to Casa after seeing Mike off the kids all wanted to know where he was. Some insisted on knowing when he would be back while others simply refused to believe he was gone. He had certainly made his impact on their hearts and in their lives. He spent HOURS playing with them, loving on them, cuddling with them, chasing them, holding them, and yes playing on the trampoline with them. They each grew to have a special bond with him and they each are taking his departure differently. However, no matter how they are dealing with it we each can agree on one thing... we miss his presence. 

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