Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Mike!

Today I had the privilege of celebrating Mike's 24th birthday with him. How appropriate that just a day after Daniela's birthday her "Papi" would celebrate his own birthday! We spent the day hanging out in one of my favorite villages in Honduras. It was a village that Mike got to spend a day in while here in March so he enjoyed getting to see some of the same kiddos as before. We were able to hand out some blankets/toys and simply spend the day loving on the kiddos there. It was a blast. We then went shopping and out to eat..... where we indulged ourselves in one of the best desserts in all of Honduras! All in all it was a fun day... in my mind at least.... (lets hope the birthday boy thought so as well.)

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Vicky said...

Thank you for taking such good care of the birthday boy! The smiles on the faces of Michael and Daniela not to mention all those sweet children are priceless. I would say it was a good day. Just wait....payback is coming in September!!!