Wednesday, August 20, 2008


There are days when it just feels good to go out and work... I mean really labor and sweat. This past Saturday was like that. For those of you that read Jen's blog you know about the family she helped this past April. The mom had just had a baby but the baby died and the mom was in bad shape. Jen and some others spent the day with her at the hospital and have been investing in her world since. We all took food out to them just recently and while there the husband mentioned that he was going to start building a new home for his family. Knowing he would be working alone we volunteered to come back and help. So Saturday we showed up with tools in hand to begin leveling and moving dirt to prepare the land. Let me tell you we worked HARD and moved a TON of dirt. It wasn't like at home where you bring in a huge piece of machinery and scoop up the dirt with one swipe. We moved the dirt with shovels and 5 gallon buckets. We then would carry it off the property to the river bank and dump it there. We spent a good 5 hours or so working but it was great. The ground is pretty much ready now so that we can start the building process. 

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