Friday, August 1, 2008


On the last Friday of each month signifies visitation day for our kiddos. It is the one day of the month that the parents are allowed to meet us in the city and spend a couple of hours with the kiddos. So each month as the much anticipated day draws near the kids begin coloring pictures for their moms and asking how many more days until Friday. When the day finally comes they get all dressed up and excited to head into the city. Since it is up to the parents to remember what day visitation is and save up money for the bus fare it is always a guessing game as to who will show up. Visitation days are rough on all of us. They are rough on those whose parents come because they often walk away missing their moms or rebelling because they think they no longer have to listen to us. It is rough on those whose parents don't show up because they feel unwanted, unloved, and just not nearly special enough to have a parent come see them. They struggle through watching the others play with their moms or eat treats that a family member brought them. 
This past visitation was no different. I spent the morning consoling a hurting Brayan as he continually made comments like "my moms not coming huh" or "mom didn't come." The two hours passed in a blur as I tried hard to distract and love on each of the kiddos whose parents .... for whatever reason.... didn't show up that day. 
Visitation ends at 12 so we always take the kiddos out to at afterwards. However, the timing of the visitation doesn't have as much to do with taking them out as the need to divert their minds and get them having fun. 

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