Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rainy night

Like most little kids I used to LOVE spending time at my Grandparent's house. It always seemed like there was more to do there than at home.... and lets face it Grandma ALWAYS spoiled us. I can remember her fixing us bowls of peaches and letting us put whipped cream on it. I can remember all of my cousins and I lining the floor of the living room with our sleeping bags when it came time to go to bed. I can remember playing spoons, hide and go seek, sardines, and other fun games. I can remember how excited we got over the newest "big catch" Grandpa had in the old bathtub in the basement. I can remember Grandpa's famous popcorn that he made with his special popcorn popper. I can remember catching lightening bugs as it got dark and going out searching for night crawlers after a good rain. Ahh the memories. 

I've often thought of how different my life and memories would be if I had been born and raised here. What stories of "Grandma's House" would I have to share with my kids some day? The other night I was once again reminded of just how different this country is from the one I was raised in. It had rained pretty much all evening and was just starting to let up as Mike and I arrived at Steve's house. Eduardo greeted us on the patio (as always) and asked if it was ok that he had "that" hanging from the rafters. I was startled as I turned to find out "that" was a big old crab. Apparently after it rains here kids go hunting for crabs instead of night crawlers. It makes me think twice about walking around barefoot in the dark! I was even more surprised when Eduardo told me that if you hang the crabs up like that all night they will be dead by morning and can be used to make a "really good crab soup!" 

Oh the differences between here and home.... I'm just thankful my Grandpa loved using the night crawlers as fishing bait instead of trying to make a soup with them! 

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